As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I started The Wild Harvester due to developing a profound connection with the Australian bush, growing my own vegetables, and sourcing my own meat sustainably – particularly through the pursuit of duck hunting.

Recognising the misconceptions surrounding duck hunting, The Wild Harvester seeks to shed light on the responsible and conservation-minded approach taken by the majority of hunters in Victoria – and I can only assume the rest of the country.

Hunting isn’t for everyone, and it is slowly becoming less popular in our modern society which is driven by convenience and price. The way I see it, hunting for meat is just a part of the food chain and circle of life. The satisfaction of eating home-grown vegetables from the backyard is not dissimilar to eating meat that has been taken from the wild. The effort and preparation that goes into taking the life of an animal and using it as a source of protein to fuel our body, gives us the delayed gratification that seems to have been forgotten by most of us who buy perfectly packaged meat from the supermarket.

I hope to encourage others to learn more about hunting and see us for who we really are (most of us anyway).

If you’d like to get in touch to share some photos, opinions or stories with me – be sure to get in contact!