Bird Box Install

I had the perfect Sunday project installing a bird box

Here are some of the simple steps that I followed to create my bird box:

  1. Find the right spot for your box, ideally high on a wall or on an eave of your house, the box will be at least 3 metres from the ground.
  2. Choose the right wood, you can use exterior-quality plywood or hardwood such as oak or beech.
  3. Measure and cut your wood, the base should be 150mm by 150mm minus 2x thickness of the wood.
  4. Nail all the pieces except the roof together and wrap the sides, back and front to the base.
  5. Attach the roof, by using the screws you’ll be able to get into the box at a later stage.
  6. Decorate your box, now that you have a complete box and add your personal touch.
  7. Put your box up, drill guide holes in the backing at the top and bottom of the box and fix the box to a wall.