keep The Red Buggers Under Control. 

Bloody sneaky foxes are the bane of my existence. They murder chooks and lambs and ravage the wildlife – including raiding duck nests. I have a solution though: Lead poisoning – in the form of my trusty 22 magnum. Yes, I know, lots of people shoot centrefire on foxes. But there’s two things to remember: Firstly, I’ve killed foxes out to 200 yards with the magnum, so it gets the job done. Secondly, 22 WMR rounds are a fraction of the cost of centrefire rounds and I am a notorious cheap arse. Having said that, I have used my uncles .243 to great effect and surprised some foxes who were having a very pleasant walk several hundred metres away. Mind you, that’s about $2.50 a round for the .243 compared to 50 cents for the .22 mag. Years ago we used to skin foxes and get good money for the pelts. Mostly they get left to rot in the paddock now. As much as I hate the little buggers I don’t’ like to see a resource wasted. I note people are selling cured fox hides on ebay for over a hundred bucks, so maybe that’s a thing. God they stink though. There’s gotta be an easier way to make a hundred bucks!! Speaking of wasted resources, the little buggers don’t even eat the whole animal that they kill. Apparently they only eat about 400 grams of food a night, which equates to a hell of a lot less than the 6 chooks they took from my shed! If you’re asking me, us hunters should just about be begged to go out and take care of these declared pests. They’d have to be doing more environmental damage than what we get blamed for?